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A little note from

    Kathryn O'Connor

                                 Fine Artist


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I believe in world peace.
I believe peace starts with compassion and respect for all life.
I believe art is an extension of our
hearts and our souls.
I believe that the
gift of art is a transaction of love.
I believe that if we look for the
beauty in all things we can be content.
believe art can change the world.
And that is why I paint, create and share.

The youngest of three children, I was born with medium in hand, literally painting the walls with anything, anywhere and all the time. If it wasn't the new bedroom furniture, it was the cat, the neighbours fence and my brothers' bikes. Painting has always given me the greatest of pleasure. Nothing else I know allows me to be lost in a serene world where time disappears and everything feels, right.

Starting my life out as a classical ballet dancer, I switched careers to drummer, singer/songwriter, pilates instructor and ballet coach.
Driven to express and create, it is only a natural progression that I have now devoted myself to visual arts and in particular, oil painting. I am especially inspired by portraiture, always aiming to capture subtle expressions that will evoke emotions, memories and feelings from the observer.

 During the Lockdown in Australia 0f 2020, I had time to create  
'Kitty O Art' and a unique hand made art emporium where I could create beautiful art unique to individuals personal desires. Mostly working in the area of oil painting portraits, I also make jewellery which features my art, hand painted and  restored furniture, frames and clothing. I just love giving new life to items with a fresh coat of decorative paint.
This website is a  platform for which I can share with the world  all the beautiful and magical things I see in my dreams, all from my home in Woodhill Mountain, Berry NSW. 

I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to sign up to my updates, new works, give aways, sale items and information about what my next project will be. Don't hesitate to contact me for commissions, there is nothing I would love more than to bring your vision to life on canvas! 

I hope you have a lovely day and don't forget to sign up for monthly updates and information on exhibitions, new pieces and art markets. 
I also believe unicorns are real....

lots of love,
Kitty x



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