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Have you always wanted your own personal artist to create pieces for your family, friends, the ones you love, your home , your workplace? Imagine if what you hold in your dreams could be made into unique and beautiful artworks that would last a lifetime? If so, you have come to the correct destination!

Take some time to look around and meet the heart behind the art

Kathryn O'Connor - Fine Artist

Ella Hailey - Graphic Designer

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Here at KittyO'Art we offer :

Custom Framed oil paintings - can be from photos or combinations of photos, contemporary, traditional and abstract. Choose from pets, people, landscapes, contemporary, fantasy and abstract. All paintings custom framed in the finish of your choice

Graphic design - Includes Brand Identity, Logos, Business cards, Function invitations, Label designs, Cards - coming soon

Hand made costume jewellery - hand made individual pieces made using Kittyoart Designs

Art Prints - prints made from kittyoart originals in various materials

Woodubend - eco friendly furniture and frame moulds that look and perform like carved timber.

Vintage, up cycled  and restored frames - choose from our ever growing range or ask us to restore yours and create a painting to fit.

In fact, if you think of it....we can probably do it....just ask!

For a list of all of our services visit the shop page and click on the service that interests you and don't forget to  

Have a beautiful day!


We are always looking for new and creative opportunities. Let's connect.

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